Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Toast & Bean Soup

Have you noticed that there are sooo many small toast stores in Korea?
Daegu is not an exception, so I would love to share the story of this cheap and delicious toast store in Daegu.

Toast is 2,500won and Bean soup is 3,000won.
Very cheap!!

Actually, this store is even better known for its special Bean Soup than for a toast.
I love this unique Bean Soup with pieces of fried glutinous rice dough and of Ingeolmi(인절미).
Ingeolmi(인절미) is Korean traditional rice cake made from the glutinous rice and coated with bean flour.
They put bean flour and peanut flour in the soup as well.
(Oh, one more stuff! You can put an egg in it if you want to~~)

This special dish is considered to be a delicacy by Daegu citizens.
Warm, soft and healthy.. mmmm

Very simple but chunky~~
It’s only 2,500won! What a good deal!

Taste this home-made style toast.
(They have no cheese though~)

Hours: 6pm – 6am, no holidays!
Bus: 106, 202, 400, 402, 509, 518, 650, 706, 순환2
Subway: Myeongdeok Station, gate1

Top Bean Soup (제일콩국)


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