Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Korean Drama filming locations in Daegu

Daegu has been the newest hot spot for Korean drama filming.
Especially this year, in celebration of Visitdaegu2011, many dramas were shot in Daegu.

 Recently, Korean melo drama Love Rain’  has been being filmed in Daegu.
Actually, I happened to see Jang Guen Suk and Yuna on location in Dongsungro few weeks ago.
It has a total of 20parts and the first 6 parts are filming in Daegu.

Set in the 1970s, the first scene was filmed in Kyemyung University in Daemyung-dong.
Kyemyung Univ has been famous for its beautiful architecture and gardening.

Korean drama ‘The Musical’ is being filming in Daegu as well.
The main plot is that one medical school student from Daegu becomes the top musical actress with a successful performance at Daegu International Musical Festival.
It was filmed at Seomun Market, Dongdaegu Station, Daegu Department Sotre, and Gukchae-bosang-woondong Memorial Park.

2003  Yeongnam University, Kyemyung University ‘Love of South and North’ – Jo In Sung, Kim Sa Rang
2004  Naksan Church ‘Lessons to be a priest” – Kwon Sang Woo, Ha Ji Won
2006  Kyesung High school Library ‘Who slept with her?’ – Kim Sa Rang
2009  Kyemyung University ‘Boys Over Flower’ – Gu Hye Sun, Lee Min Ho
2011  Seomun Market, Dongsungro, Chilgok Kyungbuk Univ Hospital ‘
The Musical’ – Gu Hye Sun

I hope Daegu’s beauty will be etched deeply in K-drama viewers’ memory.