Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fancy Spots to hang out in and around the Daegu Stadium

Tomorrow will be Asia Song Festival 2011! If you want to discover some fancy places to eat or get relaxed with your people, pls check out the spots below.

Color Square(Daegu Stadium Mall)

It's newly opened, really huge and has everything in it.
Its theatre has a really greeaat setup~~

Siji Gwangang-jang area 

For those who want to eat out or drink but don’t want to take a long journey, I recommend Siji Gwang-jang area. It’s near the Line#2 Sinmae subway station. There are plenty of restaurants and bars over there. Let’s go grab a beer or two!

Daegu Art Museum

10min walk from Daegu Stadium bus stop

Athletics experience & information center in Daegu Stadium

There are Athletics Experience and Information Center arranged in the Daegu stadium.
It is broadly divided into 2 sections, the Experience and the Information Center where anyone of you is welcomed to experience athletics.
You can sign up for the photo guest book at Interactive Media Wall, and enjoy Virtual Athletics Game at the Digital Athletics Section as well.
People say the Athletics Game and Mini Athletics Experience Sections are popular~

There are number of athletic stuffs displayed at the Information Center.
There are commemorative stamps, javelins, discuses, shots, and many more other things used in athletics are displayed.
You can experience sprint, long jump, hurdles, high jump, and more at outdoor experience field.
Come on guys. I recommend you to become one of the athletes and feel the game!

Woodland path in Daegu Stadium area 

There’s a woodland path near Daegu stadium.

It’s a wide land filled with sunshine and decorated by leafy trees from side to side through the path. I may say it’s a masterpiece. It’s perfect place to enjoy daytime with walking around, sitting and reading a book, and so on. The flowers along the path are also fabulous. Why don’t you guys go and admire the scenery of woodland path where you can have perfect weekend in perfect peace.