Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Asia Song Festival – Main Performance! HOTTT

 After the Asia New Artist Showcase, the Main Performance begun stunningly.

Miss World Lee Ha Ni in beautiful hot pink dress was about to introduce the very first artist of the Main Performance.

Before that, the powerful oriental drum show was performed.
13 teams from 6 countries Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand participated the big festival.

Main Performance started with MissA singing ‘Goodbye baby’ and ‘Good girl bad girl’,

followed by famous Taiwanese singer Peter Ho’s outstanding solo stage.

Next, Korean boy group U-kiss powerful dance and singing and G.Na’s sexy performance captured the eyes of Kpop fans at Daegu Stadium.

BiBi Chou, nominated as the best contemporary singer in China, showed off her fabulous voice.

Korean boy group Beast got the next stage.
I saw people went really wild when they showed up on the stage. WOW

AAA from Japnan said ‘사랑해요, 한국(Sarang-haeyo, Hanguk / I love Korea)’ at the end of their fantastic live singing.

Next, Korean singer and actor Lee Seung Gi’s stage!
He has such a lovely irresistible smile.. à That's just my personal opinion, but I have a fact to back this up. lol (see the first pic of him above)

Next, Leo Ku from Hong Kong and Perfume from Japan performed nicely.

Tata Young from Thailand who has a high record of album sales showed spectacles and passionate performance.

캡션 추가

On the last 2 stages were the hottest of the hottest, Girls’ Generation and Super Junior, who are at the center of the Hanlyu craze, dazzling fans with their gorgeous performances.

And finally there was an award ceremony at the end of the festival.
Jeon Hyun Mu and Lee Ha Ni added their own tribute as they closed the longest Asia Song Festival ever due to the rainy weather. :(

There were 30,000 fans from the world at Daegu Stadium, enjoying the hub of Asia’s mass culture exchange, Asia Song Festival.
It is a forum for Asians to unite through music.
Asia, music and stars in addition to acclamation, passion and laughter, the next Asia Song Festival invites you again.