Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Foreign Reporters showed up on Dongsungro Street

Visitdaegu2011 offered free Daegu city tour on Sep 6th for the foreign reporters who came to Daegu to cover the IAAF World Championships Daegu 2011.

They went on the tour, the next day of the closing day of the Champs. We happily showed them around the Daegu’s traditional Markets; Seomun Market and Kyodong Market, and Dongsungro area.

They seemed pretty relaxed during the tour while they had looked a bit tensed at the stadium. So good the Champs are all over now, right? lol The last and only thing to do for them is going back to their sweet home. But they had to finish the tour anywayz. J

Everything except nothing is in the Seomun Market! They were quite surprised at the huge size of the market.

They experienced culture of Korean traditional market enjoying snacks and beverages.

They also bought some souvenirs at stores. The best thing about the traditional markets in Korea is ‘Bargaining’. It was really fun to watch them enjoying bargaining. 2000won discount made them so contented. J

Seomun market is a great place to visit for foreigners because of its traditional atmospheres and products. Please don’t miss out Daegu visitors!

They especially seemed interested in Hyojason (Korean traditional back scratcher). First they thought the Hyojason, the long wooden stick with a handlike shape at the top, looked a bit weird. But after the translator showed them how to use it they went like Ah-Ha!! lol

He stopped for a while to scratch his back. So contented again! J

Some of them bought electric mosquito traps at the Kyodong market in Dongsungro Street. Hope they made some nice catches. J

“This is my first time to visit Daegu. The citizens and all the people looked like they were having fun and always gave a big hand to athletes. Daegu was impressive. I want to visit Daegu again sometime.”

I was very happy to guide them.
We were sorry to have to say goodbye at the end of the tour.
Come visit Daegu again!!