Wednesday, August 3, 2011

VISIT DAEGU 2011 | Our Top 10 Festivals

1. Daegu International Body Painting Festival

Hosted by "Colorful Daegu", DIBF is full of amazing colors performed by world's best bodypainting artists and also Korea's top hair and make-up artists. 

|Period|      Every August
|Venue|      Kolon Field Concert Hall in Duryu Park
|Inquiry|     +82-53-760-1855

2. The Daegu International Musical Festival

The Daegu International musical festival(DIMF) is the only exclusive international musical festival in Korea, which aims high at developing musical theater into an industry through which the beauty and joy of musicals can be shared with international citizens as well as local residents.

|Period| Every Summer
|Venue| Main theaters and provisional stages downtown Daegu
|Inquiry|  DIMF Office +82-53-622-1945(Kor, Eng)

3. Asia Song Festival

Korea Foundation International Culture Exchange (KOFIC) hosts Asia Song Festival(ASF). The greatest stars of 15 teams from 10 asian countries have participated. Daegu will be the host city for ASF in October upgrading Daegu's brand and promoting IAAF world championships in Athletics Daegu 2011 by means of Visit Daegu 2011.

|Period| October 15th
|Venue| Daegu Stadium
|Inquiry|   +82-53-803-6511

4. KOREA in MOTION (A Non-verbal Performance Festival)

KOREA in MOTION is a feast of performance arts, which is designed to gather the most representative Korean nonverbal performances and then to market the combined tourism and performance arts to the world.

|Period| Every winter
|Venue| Several Theaters in Daegu
|Inquiry| +82-1544-4429

5. Dongseongno Festival

Since 1989, every May (sometimes June) in downtown Daegu, the Dongseongno Merchant's Cooperative organizes a festival on the popular downtown street of Dongseongno. The festival lasts 3 days and consists of a parade, live bands, and ongoing cultural events and displays. The festivals usually has main stages in front of Daegu Department Store and other venues on the street leading to the sest side of downtown.

|Period| Every May or June
|Venue| Dongseongno and other streets in downtown, Daegu
|Inquiry| +82-53-423-3337
|Website| (Korean Only)

6. Daegu International Opera Festival

The Daegu International Opera Festival, started to commemorate the opening of the Daegu Opera House in 2003, has now become an annual event. During the Festival, a variety of opera performances and opera-related events are prearranged at the Opera House and downtown areas. This Festival contributes to making Daegu a cultural city.

|Period| Every October to November
|Venue| Daegu Opera House
|Inquiry|  Daegu Tourist Information Center: +82-53-627-8900
                (Kor, Eng, Jpn, Chn) 
                Daegu Opera House: +82-53-666-6000 (Kor, Eng)

7. Daegu International Jazz Festival

A host of popular musicians wil perform jazz and contemporary music for three consecutive days. The festival will feature not only street performances but also a series of more intimate club performances as well. In addition, district residents and festival participants can freely enjoy music anywhere since there are booths prepared for them to experience instruments, analog, and digital sound equipments.

|Period| Every Autumn
|Venue| Suseong Artpia Stadium and outdoor stage
|Inquiry| Korea Travel Phone +82-53-1330(Kor, Eng, Jap, Chinese)/
                For more Info +82-53-744-5235
|Website| (Korean Only)

8. 2011 Performing Arts Festival 

Colorful Daegu Festival takes place for five days in several places in the city such as alleys, streets and parks. During the festival, a variety of programs will be organized by citizen which will make you appreciate the artistic talents and passion of the Daegu populace.

|Period| August 28th~September 3th
|Venue| Downtown areas around the Jungangno and Banwoldang
|Inquiry| Daegu Tourist Information Center: +82-53-627-8900 (Kor, Eng, Jpn, Chn)

9. The Traditional Market of Monks(Seong-Si)

The traditional market of monks (Seong-Si) is the reenactment event that portrays the traditional special goods market among temples for celebrating the millennium of Chojodaejanggyung, wishing for success of the World Championships in Athletics Daegu 2011. It will offer new experience as special mountain experiences with the peaceful and refreshing atmosphere from Mt. Palgongsan through the experience of making temple foods, and goods, temple cultures and various Buddhism exhibitions and performances.

|Period| October 1st ~ October 3rd 2011
|Venue| Donghwa facilities district (Auto outdoor theater)
|Inquiry| +82-53-803-3883 Tourism Cultural Heritages Division, Daegu

10. Bongsan Fine Art Festival

This is a festival held on Bongsan Culture Street, the culture and art street representing Daegu, and is held in the middle of October of each year for 10 days. In the Galleries fully occupying both sides of the street, various events are held including various work exhibitions, invitational lectures, portrait drawing by street painters, street events, conversation with the artist, and others.

|Period| Every October to November
|Venue| Bongsan Culture Street
|Inquiry| Daegu Tourist Information Center: +82-53-627-8900 (Kor, Eng, Jpn, Chn)

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