Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dynamic experiences in Daegu during the IAAF World Championships Daegu 2011

Dynamic experiences in Daegu city easpecially prepared for the 2011's visitors are waiting for you.

Byandby Daegu will be the world hottest city with the IAAF World Championships Daegu 2011.  

Don’t you want to have some fun in the city?

Such 5 different theme tours in Daegu city are taking place below.

In summer, from the Temple Stay in the summer to Horseback Riding &Shooting, people in Daegu are ready to share their city favorites. As with all things in Daegu, the natives have the secret tips for the ultimate experience.

Temple Stay

Donghwa-sa Temple Stay offers programs such as meditation, tea ceremony, monkship experience and so on.
Donghwa-sa temple is located in Palgongsan Mountain the most beautiful mountain in Korea. (As far as I’m concerned :>)
So walk on past the usual suspects, and take Palgongsan Mountain in the way the locals do: off the path.

50,000 won for one day program (gathering in front of the Grand hotel at 9:00PM) 
70,000 won for overnight tour (gathering in front of the Grand hotel at 4:00PM)

Daegu Hanbang (Herbal Medicine) Eultural Experience

You've never been Daegu if you haven't experienced oriental medicine and medical plants. You will fully experience those in this program.
Plus, the event will provide you with some special oriental therapeutical body and feet massage. 

50,000 won for one day program(gathering in front of the Grand hotel at 9:00PM) 

You will experience ; Daegu Yangnyeongsi and Dongsungro

Dalgubul Cultural Heritages Experience

Ready for exploring the spirit of Korean culture?

30,000 won for one day program(gathering in front of the Grand hotel at 9:00PM)

You will experience ; Bulrodong ancient tombs(built in 5th century), Bangjja Yugi(brassware) Museum(closed on Mondays), Cable car and Donghwasa temple in Palgongsan Mountain(from the young to the old, this would be interesting enough just to people watch the beautiful and bountiful mountain curves)

Shooting + Horseback Riding Experience

I myself just had a reservation for this program for this weekend.
Little Tips for horse riding; It is useful for the rider to greet the horse and for the horse to have an opportunity to become acquainted and sniff the rider before mounting takes place.

50,000 won for one day program(gathering in front of the Grand hotel at 9:00PM)

Place ; Daedeok Horse Riding Club,  Daegu Shooting Range

Modern Leader's Leadership Theme Tour of Daegu

This program is mainly about learning the life of President Park Jung-hee. He is well known for dramatically boosting up Korean economy in 1970s.

Click here to know more about him

20,000 won for one day program(gathering in front of the Grand hotel at 9:00PM)

You will experience; The house where Park Jung-hee was born in Gumi city, Old Daegu Teacher's School, Gyesandong Church, Daegu Modern History Museum( )

About all packages above;
offered from 27th Aug to 4th Sep
meet in front of Daegu Grand Hotel
depart at 9 AM ( except overnight Temple stay at 4PM)
Please make a reservation at least 3 days before.
call 053-428-4002 or visit

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