Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Daegu Tour Stamp Trail - Memorial Park of National Debt Remuneration Movement

If you want to go Gukchebosang Memorial Park from Daegu Hyanggyo, take bus No.420-1 or 401.

The National Debt Remuneration Movement is literally people’s voluntary movement to pay nation’s debt by the money collected from people who were worried about economic dependence from Japan.

This movement started from Daegu by Sangdon Seo who was one of leaders and later Daegu city built this park to commemorate his works.

It’s located five minutes’ walk from 2.28 park and very familiar to Daegu citizens.

On every last day of Dec, public figures and citizens ring the Dalgubul big bell to celebrate new year.

The park is decorated with Korean traditional figures such as old coin-shape drinking fountain, yin-yang pattern walkway and bust sculpture of Gwangje Kim and Sangdon Seo who lead the movement.

On the other side of big basket-ball court, Daegu central library is planning various events for foreign visitors during the IAAF World Championships Daegu 2011.

You could collect stamp in management office.

If you collect two stamps by visiting attractions of Daegu, you could also join the event for various prizes.


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