Thursday, August 4, 2011

Daegu Tour Stamp Trail - Let’s get stamps in Gyeongsang-gamyeong Park

Daegu tour stamp trail is to stamp respective designed seal of city’s suitable attractions and images on booklet. Trail courses are various attractions such as Donghwasa, Gatbawi, Otgolmaeul, Nokdongseowon and Dodongseowon.

If you collect all stamps of each attraction, you could be named an honorary ambassador for Daegu Tourism.

The booklet for stamps is selling at thousand won in Daegu Information Center or other tourism info spots. And you must keep in mind that the expiration date of this event is on Oct 31st.

Daegu Stamp Trail booklet

There are six places in urban areas out of overall 30 stamp trail attractions in Daegu.

Today, we are going to visit from Gyeongsang-gamyeong Park via old houses of Sangwha Lee and Sangdon Seo to Yangyeongsi market.

All those three places are within walking distance in center of Daegu.

Daegu Gyeongsang-gamyeong park is built where used to be provincial governor’s office for affairs in the Joseon dynasty. The office(Sunhwadang) and residence(Jangchunggak) for the governor remained and now using for resting place for Daegu citizen.

Back side of Sunhwadang
Information machine

You could get more detailed information of this park by touching screen.


The bell for wishing reunification.

Memorial sculptures - "Tree of citizen"

This sculpture is depicting tree, birds and citizens facing same direction.

Starting point of mile posts(R)A boy copying guide explanation(L) 
Starting points show how far other places are from here.

Just beside Gyengsang-gamyeong park, there’s Daegu Modern History Museum where used to be old building of Joseon Siksan bank during the Japanese ruling era.

There are explanation and exhibition of modern history of Daegu in the first floor, and special gallery and library are also available in the second floor.

Open from 9am to 6pm in winter and to 7pm in summer except every monday and New Year's day. It's free of charge.

Famous figures visited Daegu - The emperor, Sunjong, Helen Keller and Marilyn Monroe(From the left)
Digital Guest book
You can also post a note with picture on digital guestbook under the picture.

Up elevator to the second floor
Photo exhibition of modern Daegu era was held by last June 30.

Experiential machine
There was a machine for simple but fun old game in the second floor.

Finally, one could collect stamp of Geyongsang-gamyeong park in tour information booth.

-Written by blogger press Yoo-Kyung, Jung

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