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[The Road to the Kingdom] History travel with Wang Geon IV

You’ll meet Donghwasa / Gatbawi straight from Pagunjae intersection. Express No.1 and Palgong No.1 bus stop at Donghwasa and No.401 goes to the Gatbawi.

|| Daegu Bangjja Yugi Museum ||

There is Bangjja Yugi(Korean bronze ware) Museum where exhibit bronze products in the foothills of Mt. Palgongsan. This museum houses 1,489 items of bronze ware in 275 types free donated by, Bong-Ju Lee, the Important Intangible Cultural Asset No. 77.

And also presented bronze ware products by devoted artisan Mr.Lee and materials shows whole process of making. On the one side of the museum, there is a concert hall for the performance of instruments made of bronze.

And you could feel the calm atmosphere of Mt. Palgongsan in trail and there’s also a space for experience of traditional instruments such as Jing.

|| Baekan Intersection ||

After passing by Gongsan tunnel, Baekan intersection comes out where is a cross road between Donghwasa and Gatbawi. After climbing 1,500 stone steps, you’ll see ‘Gwanbong Seokjo Yeore Jwasang’ which is designated national treasure No.431.

|| Gatbawi ||

This seated stone statue of Buddha was built to honor mother’s soul of Buddhist master in the Silla Dynasty.

Interesting thing is that lots of mothers is climbing this mountain to pray for their children 
to pass the university exam. The shape of stone on the statue looks like graduation cap.

|| Donghwasa ||

Walking up the incline after Baekan intersection, you’ll meet the entrance of Donghwasa temple which is around 1,500-year-old historic temple.

There are near thirty Buddhist architecture and small temples in the precincts of a shrine.
In front of Tongil Daejeon, there is magnificent statue called ‘Tongil Yaksa Daebul’ with height over 30 meters for wishing unification of divided country.

In addition, temple stay program for domestic and foreign people. If you want to experience the culture of tranquil temple, visit the website for the application.

※ Donghwasa Templestay :

|| The Mt.Palgongsan Cable Car ||

If you make turn left in the intersection of Donghwasa entrance, there’s road leads to ‘Donghwa collective facility district’ where several restaurants and accommodations are located. The famous attraction of Mt.Palgongsan is cable car connected to the top of mountain(820m high).

You can also enjoy the surrounding scenery of the mountain at the restaurant on the summit.

|| Daegu Safety Theme Park ||

People remember Daegu as the city of big incidents none of us intended. Especially, Daegu subway fire disaster in Feb 18 2003 caused bad image of Daegu and left scars in Daegu citizen’s mind.

Against such a bitter memory, Daegu Safety Theme Park was founded to form a consensus of safety in order to avoid such a tragedy again.

The park operates various safety education programs for visitors using modern gears and facilities for the real experience. In order to use the theme park located nearby Palgong cable car platform, pre-reservation is required. Open all year round from 9 am to 6 pm except New year day, Chuseok(Thanksgiving day) and every Monday.

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