Thursday, July 21, 2011

[The Road to the Kingdom], history travel with Wang Geon II

The escape way of King Wang Geon is started from the foot of Mt.Palgongsan and leads to the South-East of Daegu. All visitors in Daegu will get off at Dongdaegu Station or nearby express bus terminal. If you want to retrace the course of King’s flee, need to move toward Mt.Palgongsan. You can take a bus No. 101-1, 401, Palgong 2 or express No.1 at Dongdaegu Station. Bus routes info system is also available for more detailed guidance.

You’ll get to Bulro-dong as soon as passing Daegu international airport by bus.
Getting out Bulro-dong, you’ll see newly constructed broad road leads to the new town area named ‘Esiapolis’ which is one of new cities in Daegu as well as high-tech medical complex. This new town that has residential, industrial area and commercial facilities for shopping has been under construction. Recently, lots of people are visiting premium outlets, newly moved.

On the opposite side of Esiapolis, there is Bongmu Leports Park for water sports such as duck boat, motor boating, water skiing and water board.

Uphill road, towards mountain, is famous for tracking area and lots of citizens are visiting this campsite for summer vacation.

In addition, there’s butterfly ecology park ( where you could experience all about butterfly.

More than 1,000 species of domestic and foreign butterflies were displayed and people can see the whole development from a larva into an imago.

After passing by Esiapolis and Bongmu park, you can find Pagunjae intersection where has historical site of the general Sunggyeom, Shin who had died for his King Wang Geon.

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