Monday, July 18, 2011

The Road to the Kingdom, history travel with Wang Geon

Although the founder of the Goryeo dynasty, Wang Geon (877-943) is from Gaeseong(Capital city of the Goryeo dynasty) but left his vestiges in Daegu.

The conquest of later Baekje(One of later Kingdoms of Korea) was a major obstacle for him to unify the Three Kingdoms. 

Goryeo, under reign Wang Geon, is inferior to later Baekje(Silla) governed by Gyeon Hwon in many ways. So the King Wang with 5,000 troops moved southward and camped in Gonsan(Now Mt.Palgonsan) area. 

But his men were ambushed by later Baekje at Dongsu area(Now Jimyodong) and lost many soldiers in a flash. 

The General close to King, Shin Soong Gyum changed his suit of armor with King and extricate him from the battle field. 

The King was survived but the General Shin lost his life. Only 70 soldiers out of 5,000 were survived and the King Wang fled with losing eight generals under him. 

His escaping route became the origin of place name in Daegu. To honor his lifesaver, general Shin’s cleverness, the King personally named Dongsu area(battle field) as ‘Jimyo’ means cleverness. 

Next is the first village he met after escape from battle field. This village is now the northern area of Daegu Int’l airport. The King realized that only kids were left in the village and named this area as ‘Bulro’means No senior. So, the King passed village where has many large standing stones(Ip-Seok) in the Bronze Age and kept running away to eastern. 

And he unbraced his mind that he realized chasing was loosen and named this village ‘Hae-an’(‘Relax face). And when it gets dark, he saw half moon in the night sky and called this area ‘Banyaweol’(Half-moon). And no more chasing was followed and he felt relax and named ‘Anshim’ means relief. 

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