Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Daegu Vicinity Tour

There are a lot of tourist attractions in the Gyeongbuk areas, near Daegu, that are able to provide tourists with an opportunity to enjoy a variety of hands-on cultural experience and explore tourist attractions. Daegu vicinity tour is waiting for you to explore a number a tourist attractions near Daegu. 

Goryeong, the best place to explore the Daegaya dynasty 
Goryeong County is a county in North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea.
Goryeong is a historical center of the ancient kingdom of Daegaya.

Major attractions:
Jisan-dong tumuli park
Museum of Daegaya Royal Tomb 
Uleuk monument
Daegaya hands-on experience festival: Early April every year 

Mungyeong, a well-being tourist place
Mungyeong has a lengthy history, and is known today for its various historic and scenic tourist attractions. The city's name means roughly "hearing good news."

Major attractions:
Mungyeongsaejae Provincial Park 
Museum of Old Roads 
Mungyeong Ceramic Museum 
Mungyeong Confucian Museum
Mungyeong Rail Bike
Buljeong Natural Recreation Forest
Mungyeong Hot Springs

Cheongdo, famous for bull fighting
It is connected to the national transportation grid by the Gyeongbu Line railroad and the Daegu-Busan Expressway. The seat of government is located in the center of the county, in Hwayang-eupThe Cheongdo county is famous for the annual bullfighting festival.  

Major attractions: 
Unmunsa Temple
Cheongdo bull fighting festival: April every year 
Jeongwol Daeboreum fire festival 

Gyeongju, the world heritage of the millennium culture! 
Gyeongju was the capital of the ancient kingdom of Silla (57 BC – 935 AD) which ruled most of the Korean Peninsula between the 7th and 9th centuries. Gyeongju is often referred to as "the museum without walls". Among such historical treasures, Seokguram grotto, Bulguksa temple, Gyeongju Historic Areas and Yangdong Folk Village are designated as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Major attractions:  
Bulguksa temple and Seokgulam grotto
Bomun lake resort 
Yangdong folk village 
Traditional Korean cakes and wines festival at Gyeongju: Middle April 

Changnyeong, Boasting an old swamp Upo Neup
In the early Three Kingdoms period, Changnyeong was the seat of Bihwa Gaya, a member of the Gaya confederacy which was later conquered by Silla.  
The Nakdong River flows through the county. The Upo wetland, an important ecological resource and tourist attraction, occupies a portion of the river basin.

Major attractions: 
Hapcheon Haeinsa temple
Changnyeong Upo swamp, Upo Neup exhibition room for ecology

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