Friday, July 8, 2011

At DIMF Pre-festival Evening Event performed "Turandot" and "Moby Dick"

On Saturday, June 18, at Kolon Open-Air Concert Hall in Duryu Park took place DIMF Pre-festival Evening Event. 

We had an opportunity to enjoy the DIMF’s dreamy open-air musical concert with famous musical numbers sung by renowned musical stars. 

Musical Turandot 
Musical Turandot
Turandot originally is an opera in three acts by Giacomo Puccini. Musical Turandot is an adaptation of an opera. 

Opus info Turandot_

  • Princess Turandot, broken-hearted from her mother's cruel death, refuses to give her heart to any man. She even enjoys a cruel game where all the wooers are to be executed as they fail in solving the riddles that Princess Turandot set. While passing by the underwater world Okakayomarae, Prince Calaf puts his sword into the wall of riddle despite the dissuasion of his father, King Timur, and a slave girl Liu. At night, the ghosts of riddles appear one by one before the prince to present him with the riddles..

Moby Dick
Based on Herman Melville’s novel “Moby-Dick,” this is the first try of an actor-musician musical in Korea. In “Moby Dick,” actors play musical instruments, such as the piano, violin, cello, double base and percussion, themselves and the instruments become a part of the actor, expressing the character. 

Opus info Moby-Dick_

  • After losing his parents and his job, Ishmael decides to start whale fishing, his long lost dream. He arrives at the Spouter-Inn on the seashore. He meets a harpooner and soon they become close friends. They board the Pequodin Nantucket, and start their voyage with the chief mate Starbuck, Flask, and Stubb. Captain Ahab bets Spanish gold coins to motivate his crew to hunt down Moby Dick, the whale that cut off his leg.

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