Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wise shopping in Daegu

There have been big markets for a long time in Daegu, shopping culture developed as textile, fashion and jewelry industrial complexes.

There are numerous shopping places in Daegu from traditional markets to department stores where one can enjoy various shopping life.
1. Frugal shopping life in Daegu. Hustle up in Daegu markets.

There are around 106 traditional markets in Daegu and you can experience the history of Daegu market from the biggest traditional Seomun market, over 300 years, to newly modernized markets.
Traditional market in Daegu regarded as the best shopping place due to low prices with fresh goods and various tasty dishes and you can also feel the warm-heart of market vendors.

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2.Luxury shopping 

If you enjoyed relatively inexpensive purchase in traditional market, it’s time to you have luxurious time in department stores in Daegu.
In recent years, multi-complex shopping mall, Mall Lotte opened in new town, ‘Esiapolis’.

Like other multi-complex shopping mall in other metropolitan area, Mall Lotte Esia branch also has various brand shops, cafes and restaurants.

In addition, Hyundai department store is scheduled to open in Aug this year and you can enjoy high quality shopping in many places.

If you want to buy so-called luxury brands, visit Debec Plaza, go Dong-A department store for consumer goods and household goods and drop by Lotte department store Daegu branch.

Debec Plaza

3. Smart shopping
If you feel too much on the price for high-quality brand goods, it is better to visit outlet mall.

In Daegu, there are fashion outlets named ‘Allbran’, ‘Moda outlet’ and ‘Queen’s road’ where you can buy famous brands with cheap price and good quality of carrying-overs.

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4. Fashion Trendsetter area, Dongseongno

Every trend of Daegu is gathered in the street of youth, Dongseongno.  
Entering Dongseongno, you can shop in the XNMILANO, a favorite haunt of teenagers and the 
Gallery Zone nearby Yasi alley for 20s and 30s.
Funny auction and singing events are held occasionally, the joy of shopping in Daegu will be doubled.
Underground shopping mall known as Daehyun free mall and Metro Center are the shopping area where you can purchase various goods such as clothing, accessories and toys.

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Why don’t you go shopping at the center of Daegu this weekend? You can be a fashion leader with only 10 dollars in there.

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