Friday, June 3, 2011


Last May 22, we were anxious about the rainy weather during the weekend but fortunately, 2011 Colorful Welcome Festival to commemorate the 4th Together Day was held in the Daegu National Debt Redemption Movement Memorial Park with children of multicultural home.

A lot of programs were prepared for children of multicultural families to learn unfamiliar Korean culture. Children were very amazed that they can make hat, shoes and cushions with straw braid.

The most crowded booth was the place where provided face painting, nail art and erasable tattoos. Children did not want to leave that booth for a while to get henna on their hand.
It was a brilliant festival with variety of things to do like tasting Korean traditional foods, watching world’s mask and taking photos. And foreign resident showed great traditional dance and music performances.

It was good opportunity for everyone to understand each other’s culture, language and nationality by hanging out together.

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