Friday, June 24, 2011

PARKS IN DAEGU presented by “VISIT DAEGU 2011”

We would like to introduce you to some nice parks for excursion with family, dating with lover and being with good friends.

1. Dalseong Park

This park is historically the oldest one in Daegu. The biggest attractions in here are a zoo, wide-opened lawn and well-maintained colorful flowers. And children are able to acquire information of Daegu’s history and tradition through statue of representative historical figure and local history hall, Gwanpungnu Pavilion.

2. The River Geumho natural ecology park 

This park is located in the River Geumho region and providing esplanade, sculptures, pergola and crowded with nearby residents to use exercise facilities such as basket and foot valley ball on weekdays evening.

3. Memorial Park of National Debt Remuneration Movement & 2.28 Joongang Memorial Park

The former was established in remembrance of the Foreign Debt Redemption Movement around Daegu area in 1907 and the latter was built to honor the high school students’ noble resistant spirit against the dictatorship of Liberal Party in Feb 28 1960.

By the benefit of amenities such as plaza, fountain, trails, brook and benches, a lot of people are able to take a break in there. It is also convenient to use public transits nearby subway station and bus stop.

4. Suseongmot Lake Resort 

The spatial layout of Suseong Lake and amusement park, Suseong-Land is natural and harmonious. And this resort with superb landscape is popular to the lovers for dating course and family members to enjoy riding the rides in Suseong Land.
Lovers can enjoy the beautiful scenery around the lake filled with colorful foliage in autumn and the savor of night view.

5. Duryu Park

You can enjoy various open-air performance at Kolon outdoor music hall in the park and relieve stress by riding bikes and roller skate in wide-opened plaza. In summer time, bunch of young people gather to rest with chicken and beer in their hands. Woobang Land(Now E land) and Tower is located nearby the park.

6. Gyeongsnag gamyeong Park

This place was settled down 400 years ago by moving Gyeongsang gamyeong(Provincial Governor’s office) from Andong to Daegu. The tangible cultural property No.1, Sunhwadang(Governor’s office) and No.2, Jincheonggak(official residence), are located in here.

It also provides places such as traditional fond, lush trees, lawn plaza and fountain for relaxation and chilling out. You can also watch the reproduction of traditional ceremony such as changing of Guards every Saturday.

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