Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Festivals and Events of Daegu in June

Various festivals are scheduled to be held every month to celebrate the VIST DAEGU 2011.

Daegu city hosted Daegu Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Festival, Dongseongno Festival and Colorful Welcome Festival in May.

Then, what attractions are waiting for us in June?

The first event to be held in June is the 5th Daegu International Art Fair (ART DAEGU 2011).

Date : 06/02/2011(Thu.) ~ 06/06/2011(Mon.)
Venue: EXCO Daegu

This fair is also art market where one could enjoy and purchase great works of artists participated from Korea, Japan, China, U.K, France and the United States.

Art Daegu 2011 provides various special exhibitions of famous artists as well as events and space to feel and enjoy together and also prepares various arts works including painting, sculpture, video and photos.

It could be a good chance for art-lover to have a glance of daily newly changing art market.

Although Daegu Art fair opens for 5 days, Daegu Art Museum exhibits various art works for citizens every day.

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Daegu International Food Industry Exhibition 2011(DAFOOD 2011) 

Date : 06/09/2011(Thu.) ~ 06/12/2011(Sun.)
Venue: EXCO Daegu 

In DAFOOD 2011 exhibition, you can gratify your curiosity all about food industry and see the latest trends of organic and processed foods in 2011 and newest trends of coffee, dessert and liquor industry related with life style at a glance.In recent years, food for well-being is in vogue and emerged various trendy foods like black-food and green-food. Besides, various food packaging equipment and containers will be displayed.Plus, there is food business start-up consulting and you can watch cooking show of celebrity chefs and learn instant cooking recipe.If you want well-being life, come and see DAFOOD 2011. >>For more information, Click this site

The 5th Daegu International Musical Festival (DIMF)

Date : 06/18/2011(Sat.) ~ 07/11/2011(Mon.)
Venue: Main theaters and provisional stages in Daegu

Daegu International Musical Festival(DIMF) is preparing grand opening in June.
This is one of representative cultural festivals in Daegu and already welcomes the 5th opening since 2006.
The most distinctive feature of this festival is that one can enjoy various musicals from college students’ musical festival to official invitational musicals.

The most promising thing in this festival is that Daegu’s creative musical, ‘Turandot’, was selected as opening performance.
Moreover, college students’ musical festival is also highly anticipated. Especially, one of participated teams from Stanford University had prepared around a year to perform their work.

In addition, you can meet famous musical stars on DIMP opening eve and Daegu Musical Awards.
And various street performances are prepared in Dongseong-no region, Suseong-mot and street bandstands.

Purchasing ticket package for various performances or accommodation and restaurants also can be one way of enjoying festival with much fun.
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Come Daegu where you can enjoy art, food and performance at one time!

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