Thursday, June 9, 2011

Familiarization Tour of traveling blogger press #3

The second day of tour, we hastened to Eco-theme park, Herb Hillz early in the morning.

In there, we saw a variety of herbs and made herbal soaps and candles by our hands.

We took a group picture in the middle of straight Metasequoia (Dawn Redwood) road leads to main entrance of Herb Hillz.

Not far from Herb Hillz, water theme park, Spa-valley is one of very popular attractions amongst young couples in Daegu.


We chilled out for a while in there and went to natural soap souvenir shop, Hyangwon.


In the shop, there are lots of soaps made of various edible materials such as Ginseng, mushroom and paprika.

We also saw hand-made natural soap mixed honey and herb together.

Member of bloggers were given natural soap as a souvenir.


The final destination of today’s tour was the alley of Jung-gu, Daegu.

Alley of Jung-gu is the place where has cherish living history and sincere aspect of Daegu.

We were able to feel the trace of 100-year Daegu history throughout our whole body by going around alley course that retains traditional buildings, missionary homes and Gyesan cathedral.

During alley tour, we found a restaurant named “Hanok guksi” and they handed over a cup of rice wine and cool drinks even though they were busy for opening.

We headed Yangnyeongsi oriental medicine cultural center to get herbal foot-bath treatment for our troubled feet and finished our two days’ tour.

We hope that all blog press members will never forget this tour and will report Daegu related news vividly in the future. 

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