Friday, July 1, 2011

2011 Asia Song Festival

Asia Song Festival is one of the most famous Asian pop music festival held in South Korea each year featuring Asian top artists from 10 Asian countries. 

ㅇ 2011 Asia Song Festival

- Date : 2011. 10. 15 (Sat) 18:00~21:30
- Location : Daegu Stadium, Daegu

*Asia Song Festival Performers not yet announced! 

ㅇ Press Conference

- Date : 2011. 10. 14 (Fri) 17:00~18:00
- Location : Hotel Inter-Burgo, Crabel Hall

ㅇ Opening Party / Farewell Party

- Date : 2011. 10. 14 (Fri) 18:00~19:00 / 2011. 10. 15 (Sat) 22:00~23:00
- Location : Hotel Inter-Burgo, Camelia Hall / Daegu Stadium, Reception Hall

2007 Asia Song Festival

2008 Asia Song Festival

2009 Asia Song Festival


Jinglebell said...

how to get the tickets?tQ^^

visitdaegu2011 said...

Tickets are still free just like last year and further info will be published ASAP!! Thank you^-^

kapookkapui said...

I would like to go there so much.
When the tickets are released. Please tell me about the info ASAP !! PLEASE~~

win-win said...

Wow! It will be in Daegu this year!? Is there a site we can check for information about getting tickets?

visitdaegu2011 said...

Guys! Ticket info has just been posted here!! Check out pls~~ :)