Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Millennium Palgwanhoe, held in Daegu

Millennium Palgwanhoe, held in Daegu

Thousand old cultural festival Palgwanhoe was held in Daegu Duryu Park from last May 6 to 8 for three days.
2011 Daegu Millennium Palgwanhoe is the event to reproduce Korea’s historical and cultural heritage, Goryeo Palgwanghoe which was the national ceremony and international culture EXPO in the Goryeo dynasty.

In addition to that, it is an international cultural event to celebrate millennium of making Original Tripitaka Koreana and to pray for the success of IAAF World Championships Daegu 2011.

On the first day of the event, we visited opening ceremony of 2011 Daegu Millennium Palgwanhoe, hosted in Duryu Park Kolon outdoor music hall.
In outdoor amusement tent, people can experience various Korean traditional folk games like shuttlecock game (Jegichagi), arrows-throwing game (Tuho) and playing Yut. And we heard Korean traditional artists were performing traditional musical instruments like Korean zither with twelve strings (Gayagum), double-headed drum (Jang-gu) and gong (Kkwaenggwari).

This tent in the photo was the most popular amongst the elder.
This place was prepared for the free health consultation such as blood pressure, diabetes testing and other medical counseling. Consulting doctors were very proud of providing this kind of free treatment. 

After sun set, people began to gather to watch the opening ceremony with magnificent big drum performance. 

At 8 pm, brilliant group dance was performed by dancers in colorful and beautiful costumes.
Spectators send big round of applause for every performance.

Opening ceremony was filled with spectacular drum and dance performances not to lose even for a moment.

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