Monday, May 23, 2011

Attractions in Daegu II - Visit Daegu 2011

1. Seomun Market 

It was one of the 3 largest markets of the Joseon Dynasty along with Pyeongyang and Ganggyeong, and is now the oldest traditional market in Daegu. It is divided into six areas and is most well known for its textile-related products. 

2. Daegu Yangnyeongsi Market 

In Namseong-no, Jung-gu, there are lines of herbal medicines, herbal clinics, a wholesaler of herbal medicine, oriental medicine equipment, and others in Yakjeongolmok(herb medicine market alley). Along the road for approximately 800m, this Yakjeongolmok has its origin at Daegu Yangnyeongsi began during the Joseon Dynasty. 

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